Keynotes and Conferences

For when it needs to be big!

Keynotes and Conferences

If you want to create maximum impact with a high energy 60 minute session then you’re in the right place.

These ‘entertrainment’ sessions (yes, you read that right), are a wonderful blend of psychology, storytelling, interactivity and ‘aha’ moments. They’re perfect for team away days, launches and conferences, and we’re happy to tweak them to make sure the messaging fits in with your overall theme.

Whilst these often end up being rather bespoke, here are our existing ‘off the shelf’ offerings:

Don’t put lipstick on a pig!

The art of engaging presentations
The vast majority of presentations are poor, and yet they’re often given by otherwise competent, confident people. Most of them are falling into a simple trap – lack of proper planning and preparation. In this session we take a humorous look at the most common mistakes presenters make, and crucially how to avoid them.

Opportunity knocks

How to unleash your potential to create the life you want
Opportunity is everywhere, and yet we often miss it. In this session we delve into the realms of positive psychology to discover the simple tweaks we can make that can put us back in the driving seat of our careers and lives.

Where the magic happens

The power of daily courageousness
Life does indeed start just outside our comfort zone. The problem is getting out of it can be challenging to say the least! In this humour-filled session we look at what’s stopping us and what we can do to get past those blocks and into the magic zone.

Finding happiness

How to find joy and purpose in the every day
We all want to be happy, and yet we often look in the wrong places. This fun filled session helps us to re-connect with the joy that is right in front of us, along with the purpose that can keep us going even in the more challenging moments.

All of our sessions can be run either face to face or virtually.

If you’d like a tailored or completely bespoke session please contact us to discuss your needs. If we can do a brilliant job we’ll let you know, and if we feel we’re not quite right for what you need, we’ll let you know that too.

Money back guarantee

Money back guarantee

Working with The Complete Presenter is totally risk free. If you are not absolutely satisfied by the end of the session, we will refund your money in full.

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